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13. Baub   (2010-06-09 5:01 PM)
XimiкS is epic peace of gay dumb

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12. Penisimus   (2010-05-22 11:11 PM)
WOW so cool

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11. Baub   (2010-05-22 10:50 PM)
Jizz like Erect cock in my mouth

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10. nico weber [undead-mod]   (2010-03-06 8:55 PM)
Please stop SPAM with any Website Links!

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9. nico weber [undead-mod]   (2010-02-15 5:02 PM)
Hello All ,
Good to see that some Guys registered here ,
and it would be cool when you´re all would using the Forum from my Site , i didnt see any Threads in it sad
And about the Mod , i didnt upload any new Screenshots but the mod is going well , and i decided to re-built it , you can see some new Stuff on this Website : http://www.moddb.com/mods/zombie-infection-project-origin

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8. Voverloadrava   (2010-01-17 1:31 AM) E-mail
Hello - This is a great forum

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7. nico weber [undead-mod]   (2009-07-05 1:39 AM)
yes..you can play wesker in the mod cool

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6. razc   (2009-06-20 2:56 AM)
hey this mod looks great man i hope i can play with wesker, it need wesker

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5. nico weber [undead-mod]   (2008-11-09 2:35 PM)
yes i will release an beta with zombies as enemies with cool zombie animations and new weapons.....but at this time i dont work at the mod!...updates coming soon!

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4. cuca   (2008-11-08 10:01 PM) E-mail
you will release an other beta? with zombies as enemies before you release the full mod?

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3. Undead-Mod   (2008-10-03 11:00 PM)
hmm...ok...danke für den gb eintrag

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2. Marco "RANGER" Hladik   (2008-08-18 1:50 PM)
Hallo, ich hoffe dein Mod wird ein Erfolg! Die Site sieht schon gut aus.
P.S. Ich habe schon an MD5´s gearbeitet und Waffen wie die Double Barreld Shotgun für Doom3 entworfen, leider nie released sad

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1. Marco "RANGER" Hladik   (2008-08-18 1:48 PM)
ich würde dir gerne helfen habe aber leider kein internet, schreibe jetzt in dem internet cafe. TEURE PREISE HEUTZUTAGE!

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